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At Barbara J. Howard Co., L.P.A., our adept and experienced legal team focuses on personalized and flexible solutions to complex family challenges. Whether you are navigating the financial details of a divorce, need to establish custody of minor children, or have questions about the tax implications of property division, spousal support or retirement income, our attorneys will provide a nuanced legal strategy to protect your interests over time.

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Divorce And Dissolution Of
Child Custody, Parenting Time,
Visitation, Child Support And Post-Decree Matters
Spousal Support
Collaborative Law Practice
Prenuptial Agreements
Complex Asset Divisions And
Compensation Packages
Tax Matters Related To
Termination Of Marriage And Support
Guardians Ad Litem
Estate Planning

Emphasizing Collaborative Divorce

There are significant benefits to engaging in a collaborative process when terminating your marriage. In addition to helping maintain privacy, the collaborative process allows you to maintain more control and flexibility as you negotiate the terms of your settlement. The collaborative process can also enhance communication between you and your spouse, and, therefore, avoid costly litigation. Our firm prioritizes use of the collaborative process if it is appropriate for you and your spouse, but will also pursue litigation or another alternate dispute resolution option when necessary to achieve your best possible outcome.

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