Sophisticated Solutions For Complex Family Changes
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Sophisticated Solutions For Complex Estate Plans

You have worked strategically over your lifetime to build a legacy and provide for your family. Advanced protection for your achievements and your family’s future are essential. At Barbara J. Howard Co., L.P.A., we offer sophisticated estate planning strategies to ensure that your wishes are effectuated.

We are skilled at estate planning after a divorce or separation to ensure your children inherit your estate, no matter the issues you and your ex-partner may have. We will also create a tailored solution that helps to minimize both federal and state taxes. We can assist your future planning with unique methods, such as:

  • Wills, trusts and powers of appointment
  • Decreasing your taxable estate to simplify the probate process
  • Creditor protection
  • Freezing your property’s value for estate tax purposes
  • Structuring finances to pass them to a current spouse or children from a previous marriage
  • Limited financial distributions to a financially irresponsible child

Passing Maximum Assets To Your Children

Our creative legal strategies can help you pass your assets on to your children or other future heirs.

Schedule an appointment with a lawyer at our Cincinnati, Ohio, law office by calling 513-421-7300 or writing to us online. We are dedicated to providing legal assistance for the financial decisions you create with your financial advisers and CPAs.

You can bring us your dream for the future, and our attorneys will create the legal strategy to make the most of it.