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What to know about spousal support and taxes

The prospect of splitting one household into two in a divorce can cause uncertainty. Understandably, each spouse seeks to protect their long-term interests, especially when it concerns financial matters. One of the most contested financial components of a divorce can be the determination of spousal support.

How will your estate plan change after a divorce?

Many couples create an estate plan shortly after getting married, purchasing a house, or having kids. These are all exciting times in the life of a married couple. However, if you and your spouse recently decided to end your marriage, it can feel like all of those plans are up in the air. During this upheaval, you should take charge of your financial future and revisit your estate plan so that you are prepared to update it once your divorce or dissolution is finalized.

Beware Of The Perils Of Social Media In Your Divorce

Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have many advantages. They connect and reconnect us to people in our lives, provide us with platforms to share what's on our minds, and can be particularly useful in conveying information quickly. However, they can also be detrimental when a person is going through a divorce or post-decree matter. Many people going through a family law matter do not consider how social media can affect their case.

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