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How Might A Prenuptial Agreement Benefit Me And My Future Spouse?

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2022 | Collaborative Law Practice, Divorce And Dissolution |

Partners do not enter a marriage expecting it to end in divorce. And ideally, the marriage will endure. That said, no one can predict the future, and we know the statistics. In the event the marriage ends, untangling the marital finances can be stressful, complicated and expensive.  A valid Prenuptial Agreement can streamline this process.

You Have Already Made Difficult Decisions.

If you and your partner enter into a Prenuptial Agreement before you are married, then you have likely already made some difficult divorce-related financial decisions.

For instance, the division of your property and debt may already be determined by you and your spouse. Having already made these decisions in a valid Prenuptial Agreement can be a great relief.

You Can Avoid Spiteful Disputes.

Parties who have a Prenuptial Agreement may set themselves up to have a less contentious divorce as they have previously created the agreement cooperatively. Sometimes, spouses may be angry or upset with one another when their marriage ends. This can make for a difficult time to try to make financial decisions cooperatively. A Prenuptial Agreement allows you to negotiate satisfactory terms of your possible separation when you both care about and trust each other.

You Can Protect Your Family.

The ending of a marriage affects more people than just the two spouses. Your children, loved ones and relatives will likely also feel the impact of a split. This is especially true if you have a family business, inheritances, or share children with another person. A Prenuptial Agreement can serve to establish, in written form, what both spouses acknowledge is owned by the other prior to the marriage. In the event the marriage ends, returning to each spouse his or her pre-marital property is more straightforward, with the Prenuptial Agreement as a guide.

You Have A Map To Guide You.

As anyone who has gone through a divorce will tell you, the route through a divorce is not a straight line. There can be unexpected obstacles, surprising detours and territories you will be navigating for the first time. A valid Prenuptial Agreement may provide valuable guidance and streamline the legal process required to end a marriage.

A Prenuptial Agreement is not likely to prevent a divorce, nor is it likely to lead to one. However, it can make a difficult situation a little less burdensome.